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Management Team

Dennis P. O’Brien, President/CEO Vista Investment Management, Inc. Mr. O’Brien has actively participated in a number of Sino-American joint ventures during his thirteen year activity in China markets. Mr. O’Brien concluded a successful 30 year career in media advertising. At his U.S. based company, he was in charge of mergers and acquisitions and in that capacity his experience involved the pursuit, negotiation, due diligence, and integration of over 23 companies during his career. He led the company toward a 1997 IPO on the NASDAQ exchange.  In 1995, he visited China to explore investment opportunities in out-of-home media industry, and in 1997 orchestrated a joint venture in Beijing and another in Liaoning Province on behalf of his company. The months following the IPO period were tremendously favorable and the company was sold in 1998 to a larger out of-home Company. Having concluded his duties with the original company, Mr. O’Brien elected to pursue his business interest in the China market, and in 1999 succeeded in acquiring the interior advertising rights for the Beijing International Airport, Shanghai-Pudong International Airport, and the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. In 2003 he exited the airport advertising business and invested in the construction of a cultural arts center (Impressions Liu Sanjie in Yangzhuo). In 2004, he funded the construction of a 278-room Hot Springs Resort in Nanning, Zhuang Autonomous Region. In 2005, he founded Vista Investment Management, Inc. as the vehicle to expand additional projects in China. VIMI brings financial service expertise to worthy Chinese companies through their partnership with Ludlow Financial Group, based in New York City. At this time our company will offer investment-banking services to Chinese companies up to 100 million US dollars, and for larger offerings we will partner with other U.S. brokerages with whom we cooperate. Mr. O’Brien graduated from Iona College, in 1960, with a BA in Economics.

John S. Arnone, age 50, has served as Director of the Company since inception.   Mr. Arnone’s experience in the securities industry began in the early 1980’s; from 1982 to 2000, Mr. Arnone served in numerous executive and management capacities in the Securities Industry; working on Wall Street he held positions on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and was the founder of two NASD broker-dealer member firms where he served as Chairman and Director of Corporate Finance.  Since 1998 Mr. Arnone has been the owner and principal of J.S. Arnone & Co., a private investment and merchant banking company that provides business solutions and financial advisory services to public and private companies; he specializes in advising as to corporate development, capital structure, private financing, and M&A related activities.   He has been the founder and/or is the principal of companies operating in the music/entertainment and technology industry and is currently the Chairman of Maestro Holdings, Limited a music consulting and catalog holding company. Mr. Arnone is the co-founder and the Managing Director of Blue Water Ventures of Key West a historic shipwreck marine salvage company.  Mr. Arnone holds an AA. degree in Business Administration and a BA. degree in Economics.

Board of Advisors

Mr. Edwin Ruh:

Edwin Ruh (“Ruh”) founded VERITAS of China, LLC (“VoC”) after performing research that addressed the issues of capital formation and public venture capital, as well as new market valuation models for Internet-enhanced companies.  Ruh is also the founder of VERITAS Venture Lab, LLC which was formed to provide financial support and advisory services for companies originating from Harvard University’s students, faculty, staff, alumni and affiliates.

From 1995 to 1998, Ruh was a Managing Director of Gerken Capital Associates, a private investment bank, and General partner to GCA’s Sino-Asia industrial Equity Fund, a $250 million direct-investment equity fund.  Prior to that, he was the senior Vice President in the International Structured Finance Division of The Fuji Bank, Limited where he founded the bank’s North American project finance operation and directed it’s financial advisory, equity funding, private placement, securitization and privatization services, in addition to serving as head of the bank’s world-wide sports and entertainment practice.

In nearly two decades of project experience, Ruh has initiated, closed, and syndicated more than 100 transactions exceeding $18 billion for multipurpose sports and entertainment facilities, and alternative energy and co-generation, natural resource development, infrastructure, real estate, transportation and telecommunications projects.  Prior experience includes management positions with Mellon Bank and General Refractories Company.

Ruh holds a Masters of Public Administration degree from Harvard University, Masters Degrees in Business Administration and public Policy from the Heinz School at Carnegie Mellon University, a Master’s Certificate in Materials Science from the University of Michigan, and a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University.  He also has a law degree from Yale University.

Tony C. Tsang:

Mr. Tsang is a veteran banker, skilled in negotiation, business presentation, and financial analysis.  He has worked for 23 years as a senior bank credit and project-marketing officer in Hong Kong, respectively with Bank of America, Banca Nazionale Del Lavoro (BNL), Banque Nationale de Paris (BNP) and Grindlays Dao Heng Bank (UK).  Mr. Tsang resided in London for 14 years where he served the financial needs of Chinese business as an Independent Financial Advisor (IPA).  Mr. Tsang is currently based in Nanning and has broad knowledge of S.W. China business enterprise.  Mr. Tsang graduated from King’s College, Hong Kong.

Manli Priest:

Manli Priest has been a director at International Financial, Inc. a private investment firm based in New York City since 2000.  A native of Nanning, China, she came to the United States in 1999.  Ms. Priest is currently a partner at Global Ventures Asset, Inc., (N.Y.C.) where she is responsible for the management of a group of Asia investment projects.  She has also worked at United Currency Group, Inc., where she was responsible for arbitrage accounts.  Ms. Priest holds an MBA from Strayer University.


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