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Business Model

Vista Investment Management, Inc. (VIMI) joins with Ludlow Financial Group to expand financial services to Guangxi, Hunan, Guizhou, Szechwan, and Chongqing regions.

Dennis P. O’Brien will serve as President/CEO for the Nanning City Office in 2008. Mr. O’Brien has 13 years experience in the China market and has participated in a number of Sino-American joint ventures.

The Nanning office will employ experienced staff on location to fully serve client needs. VIMI staff will include a financial analyst, a Certified Public Accountant familiar with U.S. GAPP and U.S. Securities Exchange Commission requirements, a translator, and other support staff.

The Nanning office will generate unaudited financial data, and detailed management funding requests. This data will be sent to our NYC offices for review.

Upon review, a proposal will be presented to the client, specifing the scope of work that VIMI can achieve on the clients behalf. We will recommend financial strategies and alternatives that are in the clients best interest.

The scope of our responsibility includes introductions to:

  • Bridge Loan Funding- Interim financing used to solidify a position until permanent financing is arranged.
  • Alternative Public Offering (APO’s)- This is well regarded strategy to go public and raise capital for fast growing private company’s that have good management, product/service, and financial profile to be successful as public entity.      
  • Initial Public Offering (IPO’s)- A company’s first sale of stock to the public. 
  • Firm Underwritings- An underwriting in which an investment bank commits to buy and sell an entire issue of stock and assumes all financial responsibility for any unsold shares.        
  • Secondary Offering- The market in which securities are traded after they are initially offered in the primary market.       
  • PIPE Offerings- Refers to Private Investment in Public Equities. The sale of a company’s unregistered securities in a private placement at a discount to a select group of individuals or institutions.


Here’s what our investor relations services can do for you…

·       Email distribution of Press releases and relevant information

·       Conference calls with investment community

·       Create impressive fact sheet and Electronic Information Kit (EKIT)

·       Handle Investor Inquiries

·       Cultivate retail interest in your stock

·       Give your company national exposure via the media and advisory 


·       Increase your trading volume

·       Attract new money managers and analysts to your stock

·       Write/edit your news releases and distribute to the financial wires

·       Design/write content for your web site, annual report or Power  

        Point presentation

·       Provide blast e-mail programs to get your story out quickly to new


Broker Relations Services

·       Experienced and Informed sales representatives work on phones calling brokers, analysts, and mutual fund managers

·       Introduction of Market Makers into the Company’s Stock

·       Informational Luncheons with Media and Investment Professionals in the investment community

·       Give your company exposure to our many contacts on Wall Street.

Business Plan Development

We can tailor a business plan for your company that will professionally present your business to desired clients and investors.

Public Relations Service

·       Design and produce promotional Material

·       Design and manage websites

·       Identify and staff relevant industry trade shows

·       Write and Release Press Releases to Business Wire, PR Newswire, Dow Jones, etc.

90 Day Ramp Up Program

Vista will tailor a complete “90 day Ramp Up” Program taking your company through the necessary steps of going through a public offering or corporate reorganization as well as setting up news corporate messages and literature.

Marketing Services

·       Merchandising

·       Direct Mail campaigns

·       Sales Promotion/support

·       Marketing Research, Focus groups

Vista believes in an ethical, legal and professional approach to investor relations. Although, we are aggressive and innovative, we follow strict guidelines in our practice.

At Vista, we use every weapon available in our investor relations arsenal on your behalf. From analyst/portfolio manager meetings to blast e-mails going to tens of thousands of investors to targeted direct mail programs aimed at brokers, investors and institutions. We also utilize our contacts with the national media and advisory investment publications to get your story out. And we can develop a research report on your company and distribute it to our contacts.

Finally, your story needs to be “packaged” effectively via message development, an effective investor kit, a corporate profile or fact sheet, E-kit and web site. Our team of professionals can help you in all these areas.






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